Our Vision


Revelation Ministry exists to be a form of redemptive support to the individual struggling with unwanted homosexual attractions, or for family and/or loved ones affected by it. We believe that through Christ all things are possible. We offer a safe place to journey through life and the difficulties that struggling with homosexuality provide. We deny the theory that individuals are born gay, but accept that individuals are born into sin. We strive for holiness not heterosexuality, knowing that a change in orientation may occur. We do not support condemnatory action or hate, especially by the Christian church. We also do not support that the homosexual lifestyle is Christ-centered and God-blessed. We desire to be the hope for change in a world and society that says none exists. We know that homosexuality and sin in general do not represent God’s best for us, so we sacrifice those things that are not God’s best and pursue the things that God has designed as His best. We believe that the Bible is the inerrant, living Word of God, and that our actions must be filtered through the Bible. We seek to preach, teach, and live love with truth and grace.


Revelation Ministry is an organization established on a biblical foundation of compassion, integrity and wholehearted dependence on God and His power. We are a group of men and women whose principle mission it is to help men and women find liberation from homosexuality and other sexual struggles.

Those choosing to exit the lifestyle can’t do it alone. It is an endeavor that requires the grace of God and the strong support of compassionate, loving and understanding ministers of God’s love. As such, Revelation Ministry is also committed to equipping the church to understand the temptation, frustration and confusion of those facing sexual brokenness thus helping the church to effectively share in the healing process


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